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The Inspiration

Inspired by Scotland’s great heritage and household names in alcoholic beverages, Kieran Dewar, alongside drinks veteran David Mills, set out to bring ready to drink canned energy cocktails to the fun-loving public. There was no better place to start, than in his native land and with its very own and famous “Venom” cocktail……

Live Life. Play Hard. It’s Vhenomenal.


A SAVVY Scots student has taken the drinks world by storm after putting popular alcoholic cocktail ‘Venom’ in a can – and it’s flying off the shelves.

Kieran Dewar, 21, came up with the idea while sitting in his local with pals on a night out after trying the concoction and immediately knew he had to commercialise the drink himself.

He teamed up with Leicester-based drinks company Drinks Lab Solution to get the ball rolling and revealed that it only took 30 days from first contact for the cans to be on the market.

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